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What Norman Reedus Could Look Like As GHOST RIDER


With The Walking Dead going into a seventh season, his own motorcycle show and a refound partnership with Hideo Kojima in a spiritual successor to Silent Hills, AMC sensation Norman Reedus has quite the reputation grown. However, his mentioned interest in blazing skeletons mixed with his love for motorcycles has given fans another golden opportunity at fancasting.

Previously played by Nicolas Cage in the previous two films, the future of Marvel’s Ghost Rider has been up in smoke, but there is rumor of a second-wave Netflix series that may have him trail through with wheels of fire. wasted no time and had Bosslogic to recreate a fan visual out of the latest poster of Ride with Norman Reedus


Ride with Norman Reedus airs Sundays at 10 PM ET on AMC.

Source: BossLogic

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