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Ben Affleck’s Solo BATMAN Film Could Be Delayed

Ben Affleck, becoming ever-so-popular with his portrayal as the new Batman, is busy on production with the new Justice League film where he serves as both a lead actor and an executive producer.

With that said, he’s also set to direct and star in his own Batman movie – a film he’s currently co-writing with DC Films’ Geoff Johns. However, he doesn’t want to work on the film until he writes something he’s proud of.

A group of reporters recently visited the Justice League set and managed to ask Affleck about the progress of his upcoming Batman film, to which he answered with:

“I think they [Warner Bros.] have a date for it,” says Affleck. “Although, I don’t know if I would necessarily be able to make that date because I don’t have a script that’s ready yet. So that’s my — my timetable is I’m not going to make a movie until there’s a script that I think is good because, I’ve been on the end of the things when you make movies when you have a script that’s not good yet and it doesn’t pan out.”

It seems like he doesn’t want the film to end up with a reception similar to Daredevil or the recently-released Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice:

“I have a script, we’re still working on it,” the actor added. “And I’m not happy enough with it yet to actually go out there and make a Batman movie, for which I have the highest of standards, I would say. That’s something that would have to pass a very high bar for me. It’s not just like, ‘Yeah, that might be fun, let’s go try this out.'”

It’s good to know that Affleck wants to take his time with the new Batman movie and produce something that isn’t rushed and lives up to his directorial vision, even at the cost of ignoring Warner Bros.’ calendar.

Justice League hits theaters November 17, 2017.

Source: Vulture

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