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Zack Snyder Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

The Internet Has Started Apologizing To Zack Snyder After Watching Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition

Remember a couple months back, when we had that fiasco with the much anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the follow-up to Man of Steel? Of course you remember. At first, the opinions seemed pretty split, with critics slamming it, and fans loving it. But as time went on, many started to turn on the filmmaker, who also did the first installment. Petitions started to rise, to get Zack Snyder out of his contract, and not have a hand in the conclusion to his trilogy, that being Justice League.


Now, in a surprising turn of events, people are starting to back-pedal, and actually apologize to Snyder. Why is that? The Ultimate Edition, a director’s cut which sees Snyder’s full, three-hour, R-rated vision, was planned for the Blu-Ray release. But you know the internet. Hell, you are the internet. Patience is not a virtue in this instant society. Does it surprise you any that the Ultimate Edition was leaked? And while it has been leaked, it has proved to be very beneficial. Fans and critics are watching it, and enjoying the shit out of it.

And in turn, they realize that all those ill words they spoke about Zack Snyder were in vain. They see his true vision, and realize that he knew what he was doing, and will know what he’s doing with Justice League. Not only are they apologizing, are cool with him still doing Justice League, but they are also urging Warner Brothers to let Snyder release his vision for his final installment unscathed.

Here’s a sample of some of the tweets out there:


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: The Ultimate Edition will still release to Blu-Ray on July 19th.

Source: The Fucking Internet

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