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Karl Urban Is Still Interested In Doing A DREDD Series

When asked about any Dredd news Urban was able to speak much more openly about it and his interest in continuing the titular role from the cult classic 2012 Dredd.

“Yeah, I’ve gone on record saying that I would. Absolutely,”…”I mean, what’s clear to me is that there is an audience demand to see more and if we can find a way to have a legitimate and worthy successor to Dredd. I’d love to be a part of it. You know, it would have to be something where we were focused on Dredd and coming to sort of understand the deeper inner workings of the character, otherwise there wouldn’t be much point doing it because it’s a huge challenge to play a character whose eyes you can’t see. We’ll see. I’m sure it will get made at some point. Whether it’s with me or not, I don’t know.”

Urban did such a fantastic job playing the ever so quiet Judge Dredd in the 2012 Dredd that I can’t even fathom another actor taking on the role. So let’s hope if there is a follow up to the film that his last statement is definitely only with him putting the judge helmet back on again.

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