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Marvel Confirms GHOST RIDER Will Appear On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Marvel revealed at Comic-Con that Ghost Rider will be appearing in Agents of SHIELD, although he may be different than audiences were expecting.

It’s been strongly implied that this Ghost Rider will be Robbie Reyes who, rather than drive a motorcycle, drives a car called the Hell-Charger.

The car has not been officially been revealed but pictures have been posted with a shrouded vehicle, strongly implying it’s the the Hell-Charger.

This also falls in line with a casting call that was leaked earlier for two Latino brothers. One of which is “the most dangerous person in the room” with the other “paralyzed in a wheelchair.” Sounds a lot like Robbie and his brother Gabe.

Agents of SHIELD will also be getting a later time slot at 10pm ET/PT, which implies the show will have some darker material coinciding with Ghost Rider’s arrival.

Hopefully this means we’ll get a Ghost Rider spin-off sometime in the future.

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