Grant Gustin Gives His Opinion on Ezra Miller’s Justice League FLASH


The sketchy boundaries that separate Marvel’s TV and Movie productions are a constant frustration for fans. Whilst the two properties are clearly linked by the major events that take place within the MCU, only a small number of characters have been given the opportunity to cross the gap between the two environments, with studio politics reluctant to actually allow the two sets of characters inhabit the same space following the onscreen demise of Phil Coulson in ‘Avengers Assemble’. It seems that Easter eggs in the form of TV reports and newspaper articles is perfectly acceptable, but having Tony Stark chatting to Matt Murdock is a big no-no.

Well, DC have decided that the best way to avoid this headache altogether is just to have two completely different parallel universes taking place at the same time, and have no link between them. Now, whilst this makes things admittedly simpler, it does seem a little unfair that the TV actors who have worked so hard to flesh out and popularize DC characters and lay the foundations for the new DCCU will never have the chance to actually inhabit it.

With characters like Green Arrow and Supergirl, who aren’t part of the DCCU’s Justice League, it’s less of a problem, but in the case of Barry Allen, fans now suddenly have two versions of the character being thrust upon them simultaneously, and initially they were not happy about this. Due to the large and loyal following that Grant Gustin amassed with his portrayal of the character, it’s hardly surprising that an Internet petition was set up to try and persuade the studio to replace Ezra Miller with him. And this has continued with further efforts to allow his co-star Candice Patton to reprise her tv role for the big screen.

That’s all come to naught though, and fans have had to sit back and face the reality that there’s a new Flash in town. Unfortunately for Miller, fan reaction to his limited cameo in BvS was far from stellar, and it’s not until this weekend’s unveiling of the first ‘Justice League’ trailer at Comic Con that audiences have been given the opportunity to get to know this new version of Barry Allen. Much like Tom Holland’s recent arrival as Peter Parker, this is a completely different version of the character to Gustin’s existing portrayal. Miller plays Allen as a much younger, immature speedster, unsure of himself and his chosen path. He’s as nervous as he is outgoing, and lacks the charm and confidence that Gustin had two seasons and numerous appearances in ‘Arrow’ to develop.

The JL trailer also provided fans with a look at the costume that this new Flash will be wearing, and it’s appropriately different to the TV version. Miller’s suit lacks the figure-hugging smooth lines of the Star Labs version, instead seemingly much more of a homemade, lower cost effort.

Well, Grant Gustin was at SDCC this weekend, and when cornered by journalists and asked to comment on the Miller version, he had this to say:

“They’re completely different. Yeah, I mean I was kind of expecting this, I heard it was going to be kind of like Injustice….. Yeah, that’s sick…. I’m glad it’s really different though, ours is like a street, vintage feel that I don’t think has been done in any other version of the character.”

He then went on to elaborate how he felt about the two versions existing simultaneously:

“Well at that point it didn’t really feel like I was seeing my character on screen, at all. Because you barely saw him, first of all. He wasn’t really The Flash yet. And even still, Ezra’s just going to do his thing. It’s going to be, probably, pretty different. And I think he’s a great actor. I don’t think it’s ever going to feel like ‘Oh, that’s weird, he’s playing my character!’ He’s going to be playing his character. It’ll be cool.’”

It appears then that Ezra Miller has received the endorsement of his speedster predecessor. Not so much a handing over of the baton, more a nod and a smile, and the two running side by side through the speed-force, maybe towards an eventual meeting. Now wouldn’t that be something?

Which version of The Flash do you guys prefer most? Sound off below!

Source: ScreenRant

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