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SUICIDE SQUAD Easter Egg Seemingly Reveals That It Wasn’t Joker Who Killed Jason Todd


There’s an Easter egg in the all-new Suicide Squad that points out the real identity to Jason Todd/Robin’s killer.



According to the opening which featured some unique comic book-styled flashes featuring each character’s criminal history, Harley Quinn seems to be the murderer behind Jason Todd’s death; not the Joker.

This changes what fans previously thought – given a scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that showed Bruce Wayne walking past a stature of Robin that’s been vandalized with graffiti. It seemed clear that it was a reference to the Joker performing the murder as he did in the comic Death in the Family, but Suicide Squad suggests Harley Quinn was the real culprit.

Hopefully we’ll see more of how this ordeal went down in the upcoming Batman solo film. For now, however, you can check out Suicide Squad which is currently playing in theaters and read our review here.

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Source: The Wrap

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