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WWE Fan Confronts Seth Rollins In The Ring; Gets Destroyed By Security


Last night on Raw, former WWE champion Seth Rollins was in the ring, running his mouth as usual. His beef at the moment is with former NXT standout Finn Balor, also known as the Demon King, who was recently called up to the main roster.

It was pretty much your standard smack-talking session, until an incredibly stupid member of the audience decided to bum-rush the ring and get in Rollins’ face. Why in the world this moron thought he’d get away with it, we have no idea. But Rollins was having none of it. He pushed the village idiot of Corpus Christi out of his face, before security knocked the loser flat on his face.

Check out the footage here:

Eventually, Balor was able to make his entrance, and the show went on without further incident. Pretty sure this dumbass will be banned for life from WWE events.

What do you think of this ill-advised stunt? Let us know in the comments!

Source: WWE

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