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Why Zendaya Being Cast As Mary Jane Watson Isn’t A Problem


If you are familiar with comic books turned into movies, you know that Spider-Man is an ongoing struggle for fans. After the bomb was dropped in all of our laps that Spider-Man was now been officially introduced into the MCU in Civil War, we have been collectively chomping at the bit for any information on the revamp that will be Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Well, TheWrap has reportedly uncovered that one of the key roles has been revealed. Zendaya, will be playing Mary Jane Watson.

Wait… What?

Apparently, there have been “hints” to an unidentified “key role” that Zendaya has been cast for.  Okay, let’s all take a collective breath here and wait for the Internet to burst into flames. I can see it already; we have an extremely outspoken young African American woman, playing the red headed girl next door from Spider-Man? There are fan boys around the world punching their computers until their soft little hands have become bloody.

We have seen this already. While I was doing a little snooping around on the internet looking for information on this story, all I could find was the same bullshit everywhere. People are pissed and pissed off badly.

Are you kidding me?

We live in not just a country but a world where this shouldn’t be a problem. Have you been watching a little thing called the Olympics lately? We have Saudi Arabian women competing in many different sports after the first time any Saudi woman competed (in history, mind you) in Judo back in 2012. Have you seen this other little thing we have going on called the Election!? Come November, we might have the first ever woman in the White House running this country. This is directly after the first ever African American President was elected for not one, but TWO presidential terms. But I digress.

We live in the time that discrimination against different people, different races and different colors, is completely ridiculous. So what a young black girl is playing Mary Jane, in all honesty, it is technically still just a rumor, but it just proves how small minded and asinine not just people, but fans can be. So, moving forward, I wish the best of luck to Zandaya – no matter what role she ends up playing.

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