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Set Photos From Thor: Ragnarok Reveal Loki’s New Costume and LADY DEATH?!


As I was doing my daily trolling around the interwebs today, I caught notice of something truly fantastic. New photos off the set of Thor: Ragnarok coming out of Australia. It’s awesome to see that Tom Hiddleston is strutting around in his new digs and returning as the famous anti hero Loki.

Also, if you are paying attention to casting, you will be happy to know, obviously, Chris Hemsworth will be returning as Thor along with Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner. I am also personally happy to see Anthony Hopkins returning as Odin and Jeff Goldblum in the mix as Grandmaster.

But, what really got my blood going was to see pictures of an unknown actress dressed as…. You guessed it, Lady Death. Maybe? Possibly? No one knows at this point, but speculation is definitely up in the air – especially after seeing this picture:

For those of you not familiar with Lady Death, she is the star crossed lover of not only the fan favorite Deadpool, but also the one and only Thanos (trust me, read the comics, it gets crazy with Dracula thrown in there too).

So what does this mean for the fans? Your guess is as good as mine, but it’s exciting as all hell. With as much as MCU is crossing over into one another, who’s to say we won’t be seeing Ryan Reynolds rolling around with Tom Hiddleston in the future?!

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