SUICIDE SQUAD End Credits And Easter Eggs Are Now Online


I wrote an article a couple days ago talking about how everybody has already “been there and done that” with Suicide Squad and left the theater feeling the same way they felt about a lot of different DC movies (I know there hasn’t been a lot, but that is the point)… but nothing is really ever done, is it? If you would have stuck around, one of the coolest parts about Suicide Squad was the visuals… YES! The visuals.

This goes all the way back to when the trailers were first released And then returns to the here and now with the credits being A-MAZING . There is this little company working out of The City of Angels called Buddha Jones, and man – they putting out a phenomenal product!

They are the wonders behind the craziness that has become the Suicide Squad trailer, post credits AND even the movie! Everyone has been kind of confused on which direction the movie was going in, but with the credits coupled with the musical talents of Skrillex and 21 Pilots, we are slowly starting to see the direction in which Suicide Squad was hoping to capture.

If you’re looking to see the brilliance that is Buddha Jones, you ain’t gonna find it on YouTube or any of the streaming sites, unless you dig in and mosey over to Vimeo for the full version and trust me, it’s definitely worth it.

Check out the videos here and here.

UPDATE: Apparently, the videos have been taken down. We’ll post them if/when they are put up again.

Source: Batman-News

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