GOLDBERG Comments On Potential Return To WWE


While his time in WWE didn’t exactly end on a high note, Goldberg is still one of the biggest wrestling stars of the last 20 years. He was to WCW what The Rock and Steve Austin were to WWE. Unfortunately, once the two companies merged, he decided to retire shortly thereafter. What should have been the start of something great, was instead an extremely anticlimactic ending.

But for the last few months, rumors have been swirling around the idea that he might be returning. First, there was his inclusion in the video game WWE 2K17. More recently, there was Brock Lesnar’s little temper tantrum over being upstaged by the retired legend, because fans were more excited for Goldberg’s (digital) return than for the game’s monosyllabic cover boy.

So, what’s really going on? TMZ caught up with Goldberg to set the record straight.

I’ve been asked that question a million times, and I’d love to be able to answer people. But the reality is, I’m not the employer,” he responded.

While that may be pretty vague, it’s still leaps and bounds from the “I’ll never work for them again” stance he’s held for so many years. He once even said that he would never allow his son to wrestle for Vince McMahon.

So what brought on the change of heart? We can only speculate at the moment. Maybe the McMahons have made sincere efforts to rebuild the burned bridges between them. Maybe Goldberg misses being in the ring. Maybe he’s just bored. Who knows.

What we do know is, WWE has been in touch with him, and “the wheels are in motion” for a possible second act in his legendary career.

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If he does come back, I can’t think of a better way to do it than to give us the match we hoped to see at WrestleMania 20 – Goldberg squashing Lesnar – at ‘Mania 33 in April.

Are you excited about a potential return? Who on the current roster would you like to see him face? Let us know your thoughts!

Source: TMZ

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