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Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Officially Break Up


Who didn’t see this coming? Serial dater Taylor Swift has left yet another broken heart in her wake, and this time it’s the entire internet’s former boyfriend, Tom Hiddleston. (Most of the internet dumped him when he displayed such poor taste in women.)

People Magazine has confirmed that the two broke up last week, and that – surprise! – it was maneater Taylor who did the dumping. The “relationship” lasted a whole three months before she managed to get bored, which I think might be a new record for the habitual spotlight seeker.

During the whopping 90-day courtship, the two were seen dancing together at a Hollywood party (before she dropped her previous victim), met each other’s parents like 2 weeks in (because that’s totally healthy), did a crap-ton of traveling together (can’t fault them there; if you can afford it, why not?) and then spent the better part of the last month separated while Tom was in Australia filming Thor: Ragnarok.

Why this woman is so obsessed with love, but so afraid of commitment, we’ll never know. But hopefully, Hiddles has learned his lesson about using high-profile dalliances for publicity. Trust us, Tom, you’re better off keeping your personal life………low-key.

(Yeah, I went there. Who wants to make odds on her next album having a song by that title?)

In any event, we’ve at least been delivered from the horrid couple mash-up names, and their repeated declarations that this farce was “real love” and not something being milked for media attention. God willing, our news feeds will be blessedly free of any news of the 35 year old actor and the 26 year old pop tart for at least a little while.

What do you think? Was it genuine infatuation that just fizzled out? Totally staged for publicity? Or (I’m guessing this will be the most popular answer) do you just not give a rat’s ass? Let us know below!

Source: People

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