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IRON FIST Actor Finn Jones Teases Lei-Kung


So, I spend way too much time on this thing called, Instagram. One the the key pillars in the coliseum of this thing being on social media. As I took to the scrolling of Instagram, I follow a gentleman by the name of Finn Jones. You might know him from a little show called, Game of Thrones.

Finn Jones took it upon himself to release this image over Instagram:

I’m sure you’re asking yourself right now, what the hell is this crazy guy talking about…? Well, ladies and gentleman, I am talking about the one and only Iron Fist. Yes, the next step in the Netflix extended universe is going deep, and I mean really deep into some really really good Marvel comics. But this quote comes from the mouth of himself, Lei-Kung.

Image result for lei kung marvel

Not being all that familiar with the character, I had to do some serious digging, prodding and looking for information on what might come from this mysterious Instagram post. Come to find out, Lei-Kung is the rigorous trainer of The Iron Fist himself, who is originally known as Danny Rand. But Lei- Kung eventually turns into his (spoiler) mentor and son figure in a couple years. So, after doing the looking, I came up with two scenarios:

It could mean one of two things. 1. We are obviously going to see the regimen Danny has to go through, and then transform into the fighter he was always meant to become. 2. The Steep Serpent ends up rearing his ugly head and being the first ever Iron Fist villain.

Whoa whoa whoa, before you hang me from the gallows and shout my name from roof tops, let’s all circle back here… Steel Serpent is actually the banished son of Lei-Kung. I know, we all should have started reading Marvel Comics a long time ago. But read between the lines. One way or another, the MCU is definitely stretching and reaching to every corner of this universe they can. Look at what the Marvel/Netflix relationship has done for the fans. Seriously, you are gonna look me in the eye and tell me that Daredevil is “kind of good?” You are going to tell me that you are not excited for the Defenders!?

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