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Punisher: War Zone Director Lexi Alexander To Helm Chris Benoit Biopic ‘Crossface’

In a movie that is sure to garner some strong opinions about whether or not it should even be made in the first place – a Chris Benoit biopic is now moving forward with Lexi Alexander as the director. Alexander is no stranger to very dark subject matter, having directed Punisher: War Zone and Green Street Hooligans.

“I was pretty certain I’d stay in TV rather than returning to the feature world, because the material just seems so much better in TV, especially in drama, but then ‘Crossface’ came my way. A heartbreaking, true story about the dark side of wrestling…I couldn’t say no to that.”

Personally, I hope that they don’t focus entirely on the aftermath of murder suicide. Obviously, that will factor in a great amount, but they should definitely shed some light on how WWE swept the incident under the rug entirely – as well as his career and what led up to the tragic event.

Basically, yes, what he did was an awful thing, but here’s why the biopic shouldn’t be made to vilify the wrestler. Who knows what type of story it’ll be, but hopefully it won’t be some Lifetime type movie that’s forgotten about in a couple of years. A quality movie like this has the potential to at least be mentioned with the Oscars – but it has to be done right.

What do you think of the sound of this movie? Will you be watching Crossface? Be sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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