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Video: Ring Rope Breaks Under BIG SHOW’s Weight At WWE Event In Manila


The World’s Largest Athlete has done it again.

The first time was June 12, 2003. The Big Show was in the ring with Brock Lesnar (before he became a bitch), and decided to take the new young star up to the top rope. However, the tables were quickly turned, and it was Lesnar who ended up performing the most massive superplex the world has ever seen. Both men were super-heavyweights – Lesnar a solid 305, while Show tipped the scales at a gargantuan 485. The effect of 800 pounds (plus the added weight of force and velocity) landing in the middle of the ring did something I had never seen at the time – it actually broke the ring. The whole works collapsed flat as a pancake. I can remember announcer Tazz yelling “Holy shit!” as the two behemoths lay motionless in the middle of the erstwhile squared circle. The crowd took Tazz’s lead, and the chant couldn’t be stopped, edited, or bleeped. In the days before spoilers, dirt sheets, and the cynicism brought on by the internet age, this was a truly shocking moment. It had never happened before, and would surely never happen again.

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And then it did. On October 23, 2011, the Giant found himself in the ring with another ginormous slab of human, the 400-pound Mark Henry. Once again, poor Show found himself on the receiving end of a slam of epic proportions. This time, there was even more weight in the ring, as Henry is by far the largest man on the roster after his opponent in this match. It may not have been quite as shocking the second time around, but it still made for some great TV.

And now this. Really, Show should have learned by now to keep his big ass off the ropes. Last night, at a house show in Manila, he was up against John Cena. Having his opponent temporarily down, the Giant decided to head up the ropes for a Vader Bomb. However, as he was bouncing for maximum spring, the ropes gave way, and the biggest butt in the business went splat on the unsuspecting Cena. Of course, being the Faciest Face in the Place, John is invincible. He sprang right back up, hefted the man who is nearly twice his size up onto his shoulders, and delivered the Attitude Adjustment to put Show away and win the match.

I just have one beef here, WWE. Three times now, you’ve made Show the butt of the biggest fat joke ever (and he isn’t even fat). If you ever decide to force him into a stunt like this again, can he at least win the damn match? Please and thank you.

Are you shocked that this happened once again? Do you think Big Show’s massive size makes him a danger to his opponents? Or is this all predetermined, like many other aspects of professional wrestling? Tell us your thoughts!

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