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New Trailer Shows What CIVIL WAR Would Have Been Like With DEADPOOL


While the fight over whose manhood is bigger between Marvel Studios and Fox continues, many fans of both MCU and X-Men wish the universes could get along for the better of the people, expressing many enthusiastic collaborations from actors and directors alike on both ends, and even hardworking visual edits like the one we will talk about below.

Redditor /u/riceandnori made quite the gif that centers a very impressive edit between Deadpool and Spidey crossing over with their respective universe’s debut films Deadpool (X-Men Origins: Wolverine never happened…) and Captain America: Civil War. Youtuber Zach Ace took it to the next level and made the gif with a full-on video with audio included.

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, who expressed interest in collaborating his character with Spider-man on Twitter earlier this year, was personally impressed with the video, going as far as to sharing it on his Facebook page.

Alas, it would be a while before that dream couple becomes a reality. There’s a reason they call them “canon”; they like to make holes in “ships”.

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