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Ryan Potter Lobbying For The Role of ROBIN; Posts Audition Video


You may not recognize his face but the majority of you will probably have heard his voice in the Disney hit, Big Hero 6. Well now he’s lobbying for the part of Robin with a new video showcasing his fighting skills. Although it looks more like a Power Rangers spoof, it’s still great to see an actor put himself out there and have some fun.

With just a few indie films to his name, it’s more than likely that Ryan Potter is doing this to promote himself to casting directors rather than seriously chasing the role of Robin, however it seems as if he’s certainly caught peoples attention.

BossLogic has even returned to showcase his mock up of what Potter could look like as the Boy Wonder. However with no firm plans in place to introduce Robin into the DCEU as of yet, it might be a little while longer until we see the character grace our silver screens again.

ryan potter tim drake robin concept art What Ryan Potter Could Look Like as Robin

Image: BossLogic

Would you like to see Robin in the DCEU? What do you like to see Ryan Potter place Robin? Sound off down below!

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