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24 Reasons THE LION KING And THE JUNGLE BOOK Are The Same Exact Movie


Our friends over at Couch Tomato have made another video comparing two seemingly unrelated films. However, the parallels are less far-fetched than in some of their previous work.

Today, we take a look at animated classic The Lion King, and the live-action remake of The Jungle Book. Besides the obvious fact that they’re both Disney properties, there are more similarities.

For example, the main villain is a huge, super scary cat with a scar over his left eye. The cat threatens the benevolent leader of the jungle, before later killing him. The bad dude elects himself the new leader, and promptly starts doing bad-dude things. The kid makes friends with a hog and some other animals, and they sing a song about having no worries. A monkey shows up and tells the kid what really happened to his father, which of course the kid doesn’t believe at first. But he eventually goes back home for a showdown with the scarred villain, before making everything right again in his beloved kingdom.

These are just a few of the parallels between these two films. What do you think of the comparisons? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Couch Tomato

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