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Christian Bale’s Batman Goes Against Ben Affleck’s Batman In New Trailer


Comics love the idea of “vs.” Pitting a hero against his greatest villain, another hero, or even an alternate-reality version of the hero himself is a time-honored comic book staple.

The latter poses perhaps the most fascinating possibilities. How would you deal with another you? Same powers, same abilities, but perhaps a somewhat different backstory, and therefore, a somewhat different personality. Would alternate you be as heroic as prime you? Would he live by the same rules, or would his other experiences cause him to have a different code? Would the two (or more) of you fight for the same causes, or would you end up on opposite sides of the law?

The good people over at Screen Rant took this idea and ran with it. So far away. When they got back, they had this epic piece of celluloid awesomeness to share. What if all the cinematic Batmans (excluding the shitty ones, because no) existed in the same universe? Just imagine……….Affleck vs Bale vs Keaton. Which dark knight would emerge victorious from the battle? Who would be the savior of Gotham City?

Which Batman is your pick to win this battle of superhero titans? Tell us who (and why) in the comments!

Source: ScreenRant

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