Rumor: Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar A Done Deal For Survivor Series


Year after year and month after month, there seems to be a rumor about Goldberg making a return to WWE.

Yet it never happens.

The most recent example was when Brock Lesnar faced Randy Orton at Summerslam. The match ended with much controversy, due to the fact that Lesnar cut Orton’s head open while hitting him with a bunch of elbows. Most thought it was staged, but you couldn’t really tell, and the ending was very strange. It even ended with a DQ and gave the win to Lesnar (wut?).

The match ended with loud chants of “GOLDBERG” in the crowd. It had been rumored (when hasn’t it been?) that Goldberg was going to be making a return to Summerslam to begin a feud with Lesnar. It honestly made sense and Lesnar had even called Goldberg out a few days before.

But – nothing happened. Shane McMahon came out and the PPV ended with many fans being super pissed off. If ever there was a time for Goldberg to make a return, it was then.

Now, those rumors are back (shocker) as former WWE commentator Jim Ross has made a very interesting announcement on his Twitter:

Image result for goldberg lesnar

If true, let’s all hope that the match will be better than the last time these two met in the ring. Although – it wouldn’t really be hard to improve upon.

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