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Man Dressed As BATMAN Going Around Protecting People From Clowns

You’ve seen it in the news or heard about it in your town. These f*cking clowns.

For whatever reason, people think it’s hilarious to go around dressed as clowns to scare people (or even harm them). I mean it’s truly hysterical. In case you couldn’t read my sarcasm – it’s not funny. It’s stupid. And you know who’s really not amused by it?

Batman. Sort of.

A young man in the UK is going around protecting people from these clowns – and it’s awesome:

According to BBC Cumbria, the clowns were terrorizing children and giving them sleepless nights – and if you know Batman, you know he doesn’t like clowns and he certainly doesn’t like when kids are being messed with.

Image: Cumbria Superheroes

Image: Cumbria Superheroes

So be warned, Clowns. You want to mess with people? Batman could soon be headed your way. Or – you could just stop being ass holes. Either way. Just stop.

Source: BBC Cumbria

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