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Bill Goldberg Returned To WWE Last Night and The Reaction Was Amazing


Goldberg is officially back, and ready to kick ass.

Twelve years after walking away from the WWE forever (or so we thought), the man who always asked “Who’s Next?” gave us the answer tonight: Brock Lesnar.

The monosyllabic Lesnar, who uses Paul Heyman as his mouthpiece (because, you know, words), issued a challenge to Goldberg through his vociferous advocate last week on Raw.

After coming out to a massive ovation from the crowd (gotta love it when the “holy shit” chant gets going), complete with his trademark spark shower and menacing smoke-breath, Goldberg proceeded to tell us what we were all waiting to hear.

“I thought to myself, maybe I have one more ass-kicking left in me. Then I thought to myself, maybe I have one badass spear left in me. Maybe I have one last devastating jackhammer in me! So, Brock Lesnar. Not only does that mean that you’re next, but most importantly, it means………Brock Lesnar, you’re last!”

*cue exploding crowd*

Not gonna lie, I marked out like a little bitch. I have a sneaking feeling that the legend is going to topple the beast one more time. (Yes, yes, I know it’s scripted. But why would you do something as massive as bringing Goldberg back, only to have him lose? It’s madness.) A Goldberg win would sell a hell of a lot more tickets and merchandise than Lesnar burying everyone for the gazillionth time. It’s not only boring, it’s implausible. And if there’s one thing Vince McMahon is good at, it’s doing the shit that will put money in his pocket.

So now, the question becomes, when will this match take place? It could be as soon as Survivor Series, or as far off as WrestleMania, with a decent chance of Royal Rumble in between. Regardless of when it happens, this is shaping up to be the epic match we were all hoping to see at ‘Mania XX.

Are you excited to see this clash of titans? When do you think it will happen, and who should win? Tell us your thoughts!

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