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New Petition Asks For Quentin Tarantino To Direct Deadpool 2

With the news of Tim Miller leaving the upcoming Deadpool sequel over creative differences with Ryan Reynolds, not much has been said on who a potential director would be. The biggest issue between the actor and director was that they reportedly couldn’t agree on who to cast as Cable in the upcoming sequel.

Miller apparently wanted Tim Miller to play the Marvel character and Reynolds did not. Therefore, the studio chose to back Reynolds, as he’s obviously far more important to the franchise.

According to a new petition, one fan thinks that it should be Quentin Tarantino.

The petition, addressed to Ryan Reynolds, says the following:

If there was ever a chance to see Tarantino do a project almost guaranteed to make a billion dollars, this is it. We got a great taste of what this could be like in Kill Bill, but imagine having a guy like Tarantino write dialogue for The Merc with the Mouth! It would be so glorious. Join me!”

Tarantino has always said he was a big fan of comics and even nearly directed a Luke Cage film back in the early 90’s.

The director’s stylized violence would definitely benefit the sequel, but that’s also something that Ryan Reynolds was said to not want much of in the upcoming film – and one of the reasons Tim Miller left the project.

Reynolds actually revealed Tarantino as his ‘dream choice’ to direct the film back in 2009:

“You think directors for a movie like this and you immediately picture [Quentin] Tarantino or somebody like that,” told MTV News. “Obviously Tarantino is a guy that likes to direct his own material, so there’s a good chance he wouldn’t be the guy. We all have our lists of dream directors.”

With the news that Reynolds potentially has all of the creative control written into his contract, I don’t think this would ever happen. Tarantino would surely want to have some form of creative control.

So while it’s an interesting concept, I don’t think it’ll ever happen. If you think there’s a chance, sign the petition here.

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