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New Game of Thrones Set Video Teases A SHOCKING Reunion

There be Game of Thrones spoilers here!

Production recently began on Game of Thrones’ seventh season. Filming is currently taking place in Spain, and photos have emerged showing the much-anticipated meeting between Kit Harrington’s Jon Snow and Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen.

Also, video (that you can see below) was posted yesterday on YouTube from the Basque set, showing a confrontation between Snow and Theon Greyjoy. Snow is waiting on the Dragonstone beach, where several characters, including Greyjoy, sail up to meet him. There’s no audio of their lines, but we do see snow grab Greyjoy by the throat, so it’s safe to say this isn’t a happy reunion.

Jon has plenty of reason to hold animosity towards Theon, after he betrayed the Starks and destroyed Winterfell. However, he did redeem himself a bit when he rescued Sansa Stark from Ramsay Bolton. Near the end of season 6, Theon came to an agreement with Daenerys, providing her with a fleet of ships to sail to Westeros in exchange for her help with reclaiming the Salt Throne from his Uncle, Euron Greyjoy.

We don’t know how long the tension between Jon and Theon may last, since they may be teaming up with Daenerys to take the Iron Throne from the Lannisters. But Snow clearly isn’t in a forgiving mood just yet.

Season seven is expected to air on HBO next summer, with a shorter-than-usual seven episodes. The eighth and final season will follow, reportedly just six episodes. With so few installments left, it’s safe to say that each episode will be a must-watch event.

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