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TV Version of The JUSTICE LEAGUE Coming Soon?

A new Superman is born!

Superman is finally back on the small screen. Making his first appearance in the season two Supergirl opening episode, Tyler Hoechlin has quickly established himself as a worthy portrayer of the Man of Steel.

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It’s great to see Supergirl now at the CW along with Arrow and The Flash. It’s a smart move because now the creators and writers can do a lot more with these characters. Episode one of the new season already looks much better style wise . The fact that they have let some of the limelight be taken off Supergirl so early, with the introduction of her cousin, should be applauded. Melissa Benoist is doing a great job with her take on Kara Zor-El and the first series did have some memorable scenes.

It’s Tyler Hoechlin who steals the show in the opener. Many were sceptical of his casting but he has proved to be a good choice. He has got the bumbling Clark Kent down to a tee. It’s very similar to Dean Cain’s laid back performance from the 90’s Superman series. Hoechlin looks great in the red and blue and kudos to the people behind the creation of the suit. It’s a very neat design; paying homage to the classic but with a modern twist.

The Special effects in the season premiere were really good and the flying scenes with Martian Manhunter, Supergirl and Superman were very well done. It’s great to see what they are able to achieve in television as they don’t have the same budget as the films.

Henry Cavill is a wonderful Superman and his Superman exists in a slightly darker world. They are doing something very interesting and new with this character at the cinema. That being said, it’s good to see a brighter, more familiar version once more with what they have created on Supergirl. Clark Kent/Superman is more fun, casual and down to earth on the show. The character comes across a little more hopeful and more of what we have come to like and believe in as fans of Kal-El.

It’s going to be very interesting to see what develops with Superman in Arrowverse and how he will react when he meets Green Arrow, The Flash and all the other fantastic heroes and villains.

Justice League on the small screen anybody?!

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