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Not Even Andrew Garfield Knows Who The Amazing Spider-Man Mystery Man Is


There was no denying that 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 left up a lot of loose ends and open stories that had yet to be explored, especially to draw a crowd for what they are to expect for the future of the franchise. What became of the story of Peter’s parents? What will this deadly assembly of The Sinister Six look like? And of course, the identity of the mysterious man? Questions that will likely never be unfolded as the series has come to a halt and has since been rebooted once again, this time to co-exist with the MCU.

However, notes and behind the scenes are always a good place to find a “what if”. CinemaBlend spoke to title star Andrew Garfield on the especially anticipating last question. The retired Spider-man of that universe himself gave his own knowledge of the relevance of the character to the story…which is actually very little.

I don’t know, I actually don’t know. No. But the good news is that now none of us are ever going to find out, because that version of Spider-Man is no longer.”

Garfield seems ready to move on from the series, as he then continued on to his support for the third Spider-man:

Now we got Tom Holland, who I really think is going to do some beautiful stuff.”

The little that we do know of Michael Massee‘s character The Gentleman, real name being Gustav Fiers, is he is a businessman who took to speaking with Curt Connors and Harry Osborne during the conclusions of both films. He is gathering the Sinister Six in order of some history between him and Richard and Mary Parker. So from the sound of it, if Terrence Wynn had a Nick Fury role. But that’s as far as we’ll ever know of him. A true mystery man indeed.

Source: CinemaBlend

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