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Deadpool and Spider-Man Have A Child

Marvel has answered to the mass fandom shipping the Wall Crawler and Merc with a Mouth by making an official offspring in their comic series.

Fan art and discussions of the witty duo (and one “slightly” more unhinged) and their bromance are nothing uncommon in the realms of the internet, and as often as bringing characters back to life or everyone having a massive survival rate, their trope of offsprings eventually made its way to the two in the form of the supervillain DNA hybrid that is known as Itsy Bitsy.

Debuting in Joe Kelly‘s Spider-Man/Deadpool #10, Itsy Bitsy holds traits of both with Deadpool’s love of equipping a multitude of weapons and Spidey’s reflexes (and borrowing more heavily from Man-Spider’s six-arm deal). Perhaps some daddy issues too.

You can read the latest issue for the full story out now.


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