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Patrick Wilson Dresses As Nite Owl For Halloween

Watchmen actor Patrick Wilson dressed up for the Halloween spirit to keep the streets safe of criminal activity in his hometown, in the form of his character from the film Nite Owl II. It’s very ironic for the character since his mentor Hollis’s death did occur on the night of Halloween in the story, which lead him to a brutal frenzy at that point of the film.

Wilson tweeted the following picture showing off his vigilant presence:

Although his build has since improved compared to his chubbier film counterpart, Wilson really does show Dreiberg has gotten a bit less weight on him despite the cheaper costume material this time around. It would have been quite the feat to get the actual costume to protect the streets, and it leads us to the logical explanation that Ben Affleck “borrowed” it in favor of shooting Justice League.

And his Owl Ship may have had some adjustments as well.

A shame Jackie Earle Haley didn’t come around as Rorschach. Then again, dead bodies would be the last thing someone wants on the night of frights.

Source: Morning News USA

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