Elden Henson Jokingly Says Zach Galifianakis Will Play Daredevil’s BULLSEYE

At this weekend’s Wizard World Convention in Pittsburgh, during a Q & A with Charlie Cox and Elden Henson, the two actors were asked a variety of different questions. The topic of Bullseye came up and Henson said the following:

“I actually heard they’re going to cast Zach Galifinakis as Bullseye.”

He immediately followed up with:

 “I’m going to get in big trouble from Jeph Loeb. He’s going to call me and be like“No, dude.”

Obviously, he was joking here, as both responses were met with laughter – most notably from Charlie Cox who thought the comment was pretty funny.

The last time we saw Bullseye, he was played by Colin Farrell in 2003’s Daredevil, which Cox and Henson defended at the same Q & A session when asked if they thought  fans were harder to win over after the poor reception of the first film.

According to Charlie Cox:

“I actually don’t. I actually think it’s the other way around.  When I got cast in Daredevil, a friend of mine, who I was having tea with said he heard that I got that Daredevil role and I was like “Yeah, yeah. Super excited!” and he said “The bar is low.”

Cox continued:

“By the way, I don’t agree with that. I actually really, really liked the film and thought Ben Affleck did a really good job. I think the film is tonally a bit confused [but] I actually really enjoyed it. I think that if you make Spider-Man, and I don’t know much about the other characters to be honest, but if you make Spider-man, for example, you can make a movie for kids and adults and it can have that kind of humor because I think it’s true to the characters for the most part. Daredevil needs to be on a platform like Netflix because the source material is so dark and so complicated and so sinister at times. I think what benefited us so much was that Netflix wanted to make the show with Marvel and we were able to embrace those darker tones.”

Henson then added:

“Just so everyone knows out there – it’s not easy to make a movie. It’s really hard. No one sets out to make a bad movie or disappoint anybody. I think they were [just] making these types of superhero things in a much different way back then.”

So, it’s obvious that Galifianakis won’t be playing Bullseye. Who do you think should play the character? Be sure to tell us below! 

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