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Charlie Cox and Elden Hensen Want Daredevil and Guardians of the Galaxy Crossover

One big question that is often asked by Marvel fans is whether or not the Marvel TV shows will crossover with the Marvel movies.

I mean, sure. It’s technically all set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but aside from a few references here and there, most casual fans wouldn’t even know the two were connected.

At this weekend’s Wizard World Convention in Pittsburgh, we were able to get Daredevil stars Charlie Cox and Elden Henson’s thoughts on the two universes potentially crossing over and who they’d like to meet in that event – and Elden Hensen (Foggy) gave a pretty random answer:

“I would like to see Foggy in Guardians of the Galaxy. I’m a huge Chris Pratt fan. I’d love to work with him.”

Charlie Cox added a little more in depth answer:

“I’d love that too. Those Easter eggs are thrilling to me. As they are to all of you guys, the fans. Sadly, Elden and myself have not been invited to the conversations that take place where they make those decisions. So, until we are invited to those conversations, we have no idea what’s going to happen.”

In the event that the TV shows and Movies do officially crossover with each other, I highly doubt it would be with Daredevil and Guardians of the Galaxy – but stranger things have happened before.

If it did happen, I definitely wouldn’t be opposed.

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