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WWE Superstars React To Donald Trump’s Victory

Yes, it was quite the shock. It was a dramatic season finale of America which had all the twist and turns that the world had not expected.

Donald J Trump is President and the whole world is still coming to terms with the result. He has truly pulled the rug from underneath everybody’s feet and even though democracy has been fulfilled it now seems that there are a lot of unhappy folk who feel that this is somehow a preposterous result.

Well, sorry folks, Hillary lost! The people have spoken. The WWE Hall of Famer is now in charge of the White House and he’s there to stay.

However that’s not going to stop people complaining on social media. So let’s take a look at what some WWE superstars from the past and present have had to say:

And finally my favorite tweet of the night:

Like it or not, this is how Democracy works people. Sometimes in life you got to eat shit and like the taste of it. For many people this’ll be one of those times. On the bright side at least there’s only 4 years left to the next election. It could be worse. You could be British and have voted to leave Europe, where the pound has dropped drastically and the option for open travel round Europe may soon be rescinded. It’s not like I’m bitter at all … What terrible times we live in.

What did you make of the election? Are you happy Trump is in power? Who would you have liked to see in the White House? Sound off down below!

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