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Matt Hardy Was Told By Government That He Received Presidential Votes

Who would have guessed that a few years ago Matt Hardy would be one of the biggest stars in the wrestling industry? Having lived a career mostly in his brothers shadow it seems as if his time in TNA has been well spent as he’s now become one of the most talked about wrestles of the year.

‘Broken’ Matt Hardy is a gimmick that on the face of it should simply not work. It’s stupid, it’s silly and completely over the top however, it’s because of these reasons and the way Matt has dedicated himself to the role that it’s been a huge success, making himself an internet phenomena in the process.

Well now it seems as if ‘Broken’ Matt could go onto higher things if his recent tweet is to be believed. With the shock result from the Presidential election taking place yesterday it looks as if ‘Broken’ Matt could go onto bigger and better things.

His tweet:

In all fairness when confronted with either Trump or Hillary, it’s perfectly understandable to go for ‘Broken’ Matt instead. After all, he’s certainly got the better hair style out of the both of them and he’s single-handedly keeping TNA alive due to his weird and wonderful antics. For that reason alone, he’d get my vote. Although one does have to question the validity of him receiving thousands of votes from the electorate … maybe it could have been millions.

Who knows? Maybe they were all DELETED!

Would you like to see ‘Broken’ Matt as President? Would you like to see him come back to the WWE? Sound off down below!

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