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Rumor: The Rock Returning At Survivor Series To Interfere With Lesnar vs. Goldberg

So Bill Goldberg is back in the WWE after a 12 year absence, and the feud between him and Brock Lesnar has been underwhelming to say the least. They’ve stretched it out since he initially came back and Lesnar and Goldberg are yet to meet face to face.

It seems that WWE is getting desperate for subscriptions for their Network, as a match featuring two part timers like Goldberg and Lesnar does absolutely nothing to elevate their younger talent. Though, however, it already seems as though they’re treating him with more respect than they did with Sting.

But then again – when has the WWE (Vince) really respected any major WCW star? Bury. Rinse. Repeat.

According to PW Insider, there could be another big part timer coming back to interfere in that match:

“The Rock can come back to WWE whenever he wants to.  It’s his call.  With that said, if you can get him to appear, you make sure to promote it well in advance and sell Network subscriptions.  You don’t do it as a surprise, especially at a time when viewership is down.”

It wouldn’t be the first time The Rock and Goldberg have met. When Goldberg made his WWE debut, they used The Rock (who was leaving to pursue a movie career) to put him over.

Image result for the rock vs goldberg

Image: WWE

It was also being reported that WWE is very worried about this match, and this could potentially be their way of making it better. Bringing back all of these part timers, however, doesn’t fix their problem in the long run.

If you’re like me, though, you still live in the Attitude Era, and it will forever be the greatest era of wrestling ever. No matter what.

And that’s the bottom line, BECAUSE – well, you know why.

Source: PW Insider

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