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Ryan Reynolds Addresses Tim Miller’s Deadpool 2 Departure

The Deadpool movie has come one of the most successful R-rated superhero films that aside from its ingenious marketing, it was majorly thanks to the passionate drive with Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller to have this film made after a production hell of 7 years. To see such a split still remains a surprise to many.

Last month, the early production hit a snag with its sequel to Deadpool, causing original director Tim Miller to exit from the process and an added domino effect of composer Junkie XL leaving as well, with speculation going for the budget differences of the films and the casting of Cable being prime ideas as to why. While the search for a new director and a scripting process is still evident, news of the details had yet to be shared from either Miller or Ryan Reynolds.

In an interview with GQ, the situation was touched on very lightly and addressed a small answer from Reynolds.

All I can really add is that I’m sad to see him off the film. Tim’s brilliant and nobody worked harder on Deadpool than he did.

While nothing is really established to the “why” and “what”, there is a greater indication of how one party’s side feels. Reynolds clearly established that Miller contributed a lot into the original film and his efforts were noticed. With that hint of remorse, the struggle was something that wasn’t simple to get through and Reynolds holds his connection to him nobly.

This also suggests that relationships haven’t been severed for Miller and the company, as he is still involved in 20th Century Fox‘s science fiction film Influx. One could see this split being done respectfully.

The plans are still going through for Deadpool 2, as it has been pushed an additional two months ahead for filming to March now. A strong contender is said to be John Wick‘s director David Leitch. As well, plans of a third film are already in talks which will revolve around Deadpool’s time with the X-Force. A release date is still unclear for either of them.

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