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Video: Harley Quinn Chases The Joker In Clip From SUICIDE SQUAD Extended Cut

In celebration of Suicide Squad’s Extended Cut coming out midnight on Digital HD, Entertainment Weekly has released a clip of what to expect to expect from the new scenes.

The clip features an agressive Harley catching up to an annoyed Joker’s purple Lamborghini with a motorcycle, and with her own stunt of mimicking The Dark Knight‘s “hit me” scene, stops Joker screaming “You’re not leaving me!”

It’s definitely an interesting scene.

Check it out below:

Being the core of her origin story, the appearance of Joker in the film is pretty important to add to Harley Quinn’s characterization, especially considering this her debut. While we got a good amount of her character for the film, one can’t help but feel the additional Joker scenes may provide more depth for her through these subplots and flashbacks. As well, Leto might be a bit happier to know his scenes will be featured a bit more prominently in this version of the film.

Suicide Squad‘s Extended Cut comes out on Blu Ray December 13th and on Digital HD tomorrow.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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