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Ryan Reynolds Gets Roasted By His Twin Brother

Ryan Reynolds has had some rough times in his career. Turn back the clock to just one year ago, and many would write off Reynolds as a mediocre actor and box office poison for any movie. He struggled to find a role that would suit his persona, and often times would just come off as bland with his performances.

That all changed this year with the release of Deadpool, which received both critical acclaim and a prosperous box office run (still the second highest grossing R-rated film of all time). Not only was the film a success, but Reynolds truly came to life in the film, delivering a performance that perfectly represented the boisterous merc with a mouth.

Recently being named the GQ Man of the Year, Reynolds decided to have a little fun. In an interview with his “twin” Gordon Reynolds, Ryan gets poked at for his Hollywood persona and failed movie roles.

Take a look at the interview below:

It’s great to see even with all of his success, Reynolds can still look back and poke fun at himself. Throughout his career, Reynolds has proven himself to not only be one of Hollywood’s most lively people, but also one of its most down to earth. The success he has reached is much deserved, and I am excited to see where his future projects go from here.

Audiences can find Reynolds in Deadpool, which is out on DVD, as well as his next film Life, which hits theaters May 2017.

Source: GQ

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