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Video: Watch Conan O’Brien Rip Into Final Fantasy XV

Conan O’Brien has made quite a revival for himself after leaving his late-night showing, making himself at home at TBS. Entitled Conan, the show features his trademark sense of humor along with a few really fun segments. The one in particular that has sparked the most interest is his Clueless Gamer series.

Watching the 53 year-old try to navigate through some of gaming’s most popular titles is quite funny, as he cluelessly stumbles from one moment to the next. In this latest episode, he is joined by Frodo Baggins himself Elijah Wood to play the latest Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy XV. 

What ensues will equal parts enrage and entertain fans of the series.

Check it out below:

It’s quite fun to see Conan in his element, or in this case out of his element. He obviously cracks quite a few jabs at Wood’s Lord of the Rings backstory, as well as poking fun at the game itself. While the video may leave many fans upset over his lack of knowledge of the game, its fun to see how primitive his understanding is of the games.

I am sure that the seven and a half minute video will make a lot of people’s days, as it definitely made mine.

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