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Video: Re-Visiting That Time GOLDBERG Played Santa Claus In A Horror Movie

WWE star Brock Lesnar recently lost to Bill Goldberg in devastating fashion; a wrestler who hasn’t participated in over ten years prior to the Survivor Series clash.

With that in people’s minds, alongside the quickly-approaching Christmas season, it only makes sense to take a look at 2005’s Santa’s Slay. Why? Because it stars Bill Goldberg, of course!

Directed by David Steiman, the film features a horrifying version of Santa Claus played by Bill Goldberg. In this story we learn that Santa is actually the son of Satan, who has to deliver gifts for 1,000 years after losing a bet to an angel.

Well it just so happens that 2005 marks the thousandth anniversary of their bet, and now Santa is free of his curse. Check out the ridiculous trailer below:

It’s a wild film with all sorts of outlandish violence and mischief. So why not give it a shot, after all, what better way is there to celebrate the holiday season?

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