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Scott Hall Accidentally Reveals He’s Watching Porn In New Christmas Tree Photo

Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon used to be one of wrestling’s coolest characters. With his slicked back hair and a toothpick in his mouth, people all over the world were in awe of his macho image. Unfortunately, however, it seems that his lifestyle during his years at the top of have landed him in much controversy throughout a good period of his life. Much of the controversy he has caused have been down to years of drug use and alcohol abuse that has ultimately led him into having a variety of health problems in recent years

However after talking to his friend Diamond Dallas Page, it looks as if life has finally got a little better, with an induction into the Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2014 and sporadic appearances in the WWE, Hall now seems to be on the mend. Although there might just be one hiccup.

Apparently, Hall had recently posted a picture on his Instagram to show fans his Christmas Tree (that’s not a euphemism, I promise) … and his hardcore pornography.

Lad Bible have been able to screenshot the image before it was taken down and you can see it yourselves below:


Now let’s just take a step back a moment. This picture in no way looks genuine however many news outlets have decided to run with it. Either way, one does have to feel a little sorry for Hall. Although what better way to get into the Christmas spirit with a nice bit of pornography on the big screen.

Do you think the image is real or fake? Were you a fan of Scott Hall? What was your favourite Razor Ramon moment? Sound off down below!

Source: Lad Bible

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