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Kurt Angle Making A Return To WWE?

His return has been prophesied for many years now and yet there’s still no sign as to when he’ll come back … or is there? Regarded by many fans and peers as one of WWE’s greatest ever champions, Kurt Angle is considered a legend of the sport whom many would like to see return to the squared arena.

Having won the Olympic gold at freestyle wrestling in 1996, Kurt Angle made his transition to the WWE in 1998 and took the professional wrestling industry by storm. After a successful stint in the WWE he then left in 2006 due to a variety of health problems and hasn’t returned since.

Well now, it’s been rumored by Ringside News that his return to the WWE could actually be happening for real this time and it could be coming sooner than expected. Apparently Kurt Angle has told promoters that he will not be taking any more bookings after he faces off against Alberto Del Rio at WCPW and Cody Rhodes. Having recently left TNA, Angle has been active on the indie circuit however things look to be changing as he’s apparently planning a return to the WWE sometime in April.

Could he be gearing up towards an appearance at Wrestlemania? Well who knows, however I would take this with a pinch of salt for now as rumors such as this always run wild in the lead up to one of the biggest night of the year. Although one has to admit when it comes to the WWE, who knows what’ll happen!

Chances are, if he does return, it would be under a part time basis much like Brock Lesnar’s contract and with his history of health problems, I’m sure the WWE will want to be careful in the way that they approach a deal. There’s also been rumors suggesting that the WWE are hoping to have Angle promote the next WWE 2k video game and potentially induct him in the Hall of Fame. However as stated before, this is just all rumor for now. We’ll have to just sit tight and see what surprises will be in store for us come April 2nd.

*Update* Ringside News updated their report saying that there are currently no plans for the former WWE star to return – allegedly. Then again, isn’t all of this to be filed under the “allegedly” category?

Would you like to see Kurt Angle return? What was your favorite Angle moment? Who would you like to see him come up against? Sound off down below!

Source: Ringside News

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