First Look At Bryan Cranston As ZORDON In Power Rangers Movie Revealed

The Power Rangers movie heads ever closer to its release in March, and despite that we really haven’t seen much of the film at all. The marketing so far has done a good job of keeping it shrouded in mystery, with the designs of the Rangers and Rita Repulsa only properly seen through promotional images, and only a brief glimpse in the trailer.

Other characters as well have barely been seen, such as Bill Hader’s Alpha 5, only shown in a single promo image. But most curiously the character we haven’t seen at all till now is Bryan Cranston’s Zordon.

It’s not the clearest image, but a shot of the Power Rangers movie VR experience in Las Vegas, gives us a quick glimpse of the character.

Check it out below:

What do you guys think of the rebooted look of Zordon? Are you excited for Bryan Cranston’s interpretation of the character? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Power Rangers Now!

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