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Watch: Live Action FUTURAMA Fan Film Hits The Web

Aren’t we lucky that we live in an age where the internet is accessible to most people? Technology has now advanced to the point where the majority of us can now pick up a phone or any old camera and record whatever we like.

It’s because to these technological advancements in which normal people like me and you can now take our passions and express them through a variety of different platforms, one of which is fairly recent birth of the fan film. Fan films have boomed over the past decade with Darth Maul: Apprentice, Judge Minty and Batman Dead End all receiving praise from fans of their respected franchises worldwide.

However the problem with fan films is that they can be extremely hit and miss, When they’re good they’re damn impressive, when they’re bad, well – they can be all round painful to watch. So get yourselves strapped in as Fan-O-Rama: A Futurama Fan Film has arrived and one has to commend the amount of detail and passion that’s gone into the project. As for the rest of the content, well that’s up for you to decide!

Check out the fan film below:

Directed by Dan Lanigan and written by Lanigan, Andy Klimczak and Kody Frederick, Fan-O-Rama features a live action take on everyone’s belove sci-fi series which was hatched from the mind of Simpson’s creator, Matt Groening.

The live action cast includes Kody Frederick as Fry/Professor, Katie Lanigan as Leela, Andy Klimczak as Zoidberg, Richard Little as Head of Richard M. Nixon, Vic Mignogna as Zapp Brannigan, Olivia Yang as Amy/Alien Model, and Brock Baker voices Bender, Zoidberg, and Professor.

What did you make of the film? Would you like to see more? What’s your favourite fan film? Sound off down below!

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