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Bryan Cranston Reveals His Thoughts on Upcoming POWER RANGERS Movie

Out of all the adaptations, Power Rangers is the one that has received perhaps the most divisive reaction so far. The lone trailer released for the film left much to be desired for some, but impressed others with its more realistic tone.

Supporters of the film may be pleased to hear that one of it’s key stars has seen the film and is quite impressed. Bryan Cranston, who is set to play Zordon, spoke out at Television Critics Association tour about his impressions on the film:

“This movie is actually gonna be a big deal. I’ve seen a lot of it, because I’m doing ADR on it, and it’s impressive. Dean Israelite really has a nice touch. As big and as powerful as Power Rangers could be, he has a nice touch to keep it grounded, and real. I think it’s gonna turn some heads, I really do.”

Hearing a key cog of the film speaking so highly about it is great news. As a big fan of the property as a kid, I have been excited for this film for quite sometime. If the film is able to ground its characters while keeping the fun the original series had, it could be a legitimately great film.

Power Rangers hits theaters March 24, 2017.

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