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Harley Quinn Set To Appear on GOTHAM?

Gotham is a strange series. Some fans love it. Many don’t. The concept of following a young James Gordon has more than enough potential to be something special although the show has never really been able to hit the right notes with many comic book fans.

Many have accused the show of lacking direction and it’s hardly surprise for series that consists of 22 episodes per season.

At first Gotham was meant to follow Detective James Gordon’s early career however changes were then made to incorporate a young Bruce Wayne into proceedings. With Bruce’s role in the show becoming integral, the whole dynamic of the series had changed dramatically from what was originally intended. Add in a truck load of Batman’s colorful rogues gallery and here we are!

Currently in it’s third season, ratings have continued to drop however with rumors that Jerome may in fact be the Joker (duhhhh!?) viewership may begin to rise in the next couple of weeks. Well now executive producer John Stevens has teased that Harley Quinn may in fact be making an appearance a lot sooner that we all think.

Talking to TV Guide, Stevens revealed the following:

“We might see [her] in Episode 22.”

Apparently she’ll serve as a launching point for events in season 4 according to the TV Guide website. With the Clown Prince of Crime possibly making an appearance very soon, this’ll certainly get fans excited.

Do you enjoy Gotham? Which villains would you like to see? Would you like Jerome to be the Joker? Sound of down below!

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