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Video: Disney Confirms Pixar’s Connected Universe Theory

Despite being known for producing kids film, Pixar is also notorious for adding in jokes that will go way over the young ones head. This is usually in the form of slightly adult humor, but in can also be subtle references to it’s other films. Some form of interconnected universe has long been a theory amongst fans but now it seems to have been confirmed from the studio itself. Read on to check it out.

Over the past twenty two years, eagle eyed fans have noticed Easter eggs popping up referencing other films, this includes a Jessie the Cowgirl doll showing up in Boo’s bedroom in Monsters Inc, The Pizza Planet truck in A Bug’s Life or even Mr. Incredible  on the cover of a comic in Finding Nemo.

Whilst this has often been brushed off as a mere Easter egg, it looks as though it has now been confirmed as something more based on a video recently uploaded to the official Toy Story Facebook page. The video reveals every connection that each film has to one another.

You can check out the video below:

Whilst we shouldn’t be expecting an Avengers style team up anytime in the near future – it’s still great to see that the folks over at Pixar are willing to have a little fun with their films.

What do you think? How many of these Easter eggs did you spot? What is your favorite Pixar film? Let us know below!

Source: Facebook (via DailyDot)

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