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JUSTICE LEAGUE: Image of Jonathan and Martha Kent Teased By Zack Snyder

Earlier today, we reported on a petition that our very own Jennifer Huneycutt started – asking for Zack Snyder to direct the upcoming Batman film.

The petition was a bit divisive – but what isn’t these days?

Snyder has now taken to a different kind of social media app called VERO to promote a new Justice League image.

Apparently, it is a more privatized venue of sharing photos and information, but since Jonathon and Martha Kent has made its way to the public eye, perhaps this is another way to promote VERO with a DC Comics tease such as this?

It doesn’t really look like a mug shot even though they are holding placards. Nor it is not likely a school photo because they are holding them so casual-like. They don’t look like they have been kidnapped either, so for what purpose is this photo?

There seems to be a time stamp of significance here and according to East Coast Movie Guys there is a de-aged CGI effect. Not unlike the method used on Michael Douglas as Doctor Pym in Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man flick.

Do you think this is a new Justice League image being teased or just some older, unused Man of Steel or Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice photo?

Source: East Coast Movie Guys

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