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AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Behind The Scenes Video Released

An exciting debut of a brand new behind-the-scenes featurette of Avengers: Infinity War made its way online via Marvel Studios. This is a fascinating ensemble of eye candy and what Marvel Comics fans can expect with some new pieces of footage, story boards, concept art, and the like.

Studio president Kevin Feige, the Russo brothers directors, and screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely gave their accounts on what Marvel fans can expect in this “culmination of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

Check out the video below:

Feige was demonstrating how in the past 10 years that their method of operation entailed them connecting the movies in this universe together. He referenced all the way back to Jon Favreau’s Iron Man flick in May of 2008.

Ever since the first Avengers movie, they had been setting everything up so that they would encounter the Mad Titan Thanos.

Joe and Anthony Russo explained that Captain America: Civil War was a major set up for this encounter via the break-up of the Avengers team. Feige explained the purpose behind putting Civil War before Infinity War was to make it so the superhero ensemble would be completely unprepared to take on this massive villain.

Screenwriter Christopher Markus acknowledges that Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are not on speaking terms via this break-up and as a result that Earth is exposed.

“The world is vulnerable.”

According to Joe Russo, Tony senses this eminent danger and is doing what he can to keep the world safe.

Last year, Anthony explained the continuity involving connecting their movies together starting with Captain America: Winter Solider. This movie laid the groundwork for Civil War which was set up for Avengers: Infinity War, according to IGN. This was considered a “through-line” within all those movies.

Kevin Feige went on to explain that Thanos is the most dangerous enemy that these superheros will come across. There will be an incredible roster of well developed characters, according to Joe.

It was already discussed there will be over 60 characters in previous interviews so you can only imagine how that will pan out on the big screen.

Feige said in the Infinity War behind-the-scenes featurette that the Guardians of the Galaxy will be meeting the Avengers in this movie. This was already confirmed by Vin Diesel on Facebook.

“The Guardians will be included in Avengers: Infinity War and that’s incredibly exciting.”

Joe continues on that because of what Marvel is and what they have been doing that this movie will be quite unique.

“These next two Avengers movies will be an event like no one has ever seen on film before.”

Avengers: Infinity War debuts May 4, 2018.

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