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New Theory Says Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto Is A TERMINATOR

In today’s edition of Insane Fan Theories, YouTube user Jim and Them actually thinks that Dominic Toretto – Vin Diesel’s character in the Fast & Furious franchise – is a Terminator. Believe me, it put the same look on my face as the one you’re wearing right now. But, let’s be fair and take a look at the presented evidence, courtesy of the following video.

Apparently, back in 2011, Universal was pursuing the Terminator film rights, reportedly with the intention of acquiring the services of writer Chris Morgan and director Justin Lin – and, supposedly, making the franchises exist in the same universe. WTF, right? Thank God, that bid was rejected.

Next, we have the five signs you might be a Terminator. First up is super strength. While it’s certainly believable that Diesel, as a producer of the series, might just want to make himself look like a badass, he lifts a fucking car. A CAR. BY HIMSELF. And it’s not even one of those crazy adrenaline-fueled emergency moments. He just does it.

Next, there’s being impervious to pain. Dom is punched, shot, and even beaten with a crowbar (notice the metallic clink?) without blinking an eye. He also breaks windows, busts through brick walls, and removes the slugs from his own bullet wounds without flinching.

Third, we have a very similar fighting style. Like the T-800, Dom’s consists largely of smashing people into things until they stop fighting back. And the distances he throws said people are unreal. No human can do that.

Then there’s his lack of a viable plan. He simply does the things that are going to get him to his ultimate goal, with no regard for his well being, or anyone else’s. When things actually work out, it’s just a fortunate fluke. As the video states, who cares if you kill the people you’re trying to protect? At least you got a cool explosion.

And finally, there’s perhaps the most obvious point: He. Does. Not. Die. Like ever. There’s the aforementioned shooting and crowbar-beating, as well as dozens of car-totaling wrecks, and he always emerges unscathed. The one time he appeared to be dying, Letty (who herself returned from the dead, what the hell is she?) waves off CPR, knowing it’s useless. Is she just giving him time to reboot?

However, in a fair counterpoint, the video also points out Dom’s two decidedly human pursuits: food and ass. It isn’t unheard of for Terminators to eat, but it’s rarely addressed. He also drinks Corona like they’re going to stop making it any day now. And his love of booty is hardly a secret to F&F viewers – but once again, it’s a rarely mentioned, but not impossible Terminator function.

Source: Jim and Them

So, having watched this out-there video, what do you think? Is it possible that Dom Toretto is, in fact, a Cyberdyne model? Or do you think this is just as nuts as I do? Tell us in the comments!

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