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Ridley Scott Could Direct THE BATMAN

It’s been a roller coaster ride for The Batman and WB Studios. With numerous reports stating that the long awaited Wonder Woman film is essentially a trainwreck, Ben Affleck deciding to not to direct the film, and a story of page one rewrite for the script – not much good has been reported for The DCEU as of late.

News of Matt Reeves taking the helm as director seemed some saving grace for the troubled production but now, there’s another head-scratcher coming from Warner Bros.

It appears that Matt Reeves only verbally committed to ‘The Batman’ and Ridley Scott is in the running for the film.

Per the same THR report:

“The studio moved quickly to find a replacement, and Reeves’ name shot to the top of the list. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter multiple conversations occurred, with the filmmaker and the studio meeting Friday.

Other directors remain in the wings, including Ridley Scott and Don’t Breathe helmer Fede Alvarez.

Affleck remains on board to portray Bruce Wayne/Batman, and he co-wrote the script with DC Films co-head Geoff Johns. Several sources say, however, that the script may undergo a significant overhaul.”

Matt Reeves is a solid director with his works from the Planet the Ape series, so it comes off as odd that Ridley Scott is being courted for a comic book film. Earlier this year, Scott spoke with very little interest into doing a superhero film and has been very busy with rebuilding the long thought dead Alien Franchise.

Will he have time in his already busy schedule for The Batman and has he had a change of heart for superhero film? Stay tuned Bat fans.

Source: THR

What do you think of all this Batman news? Be sure to sound off in the comment section below!

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